Attention Dance Teachers!

Create an amazing Virtual Dance Performance!

(even if you're not sure what you're doing!)

The Virtual Performance Toolkit is a step-by-step guide to all the crucial things you need to create an incredible virtual dance performance.

Remember trying to put a show together last year? 

It probably went something like this:

Covid hit and our world was turned upside down.  You thought about your end-of-year performance and how that's normally your dancers' ROCKSTAR event, where they get to SHINE!  

You tried adapted to adapt to a virtual performance, but it was HARD.  

There were:
  • Long days of chasing down students for videos (only to have them film it the wrong way!)
  • Many hours searching on youtube for tutorials that don't really show what you need
  • Tons of scrambling trying to promote at the last minute 
You thought:

"I just need a clear and simple guide to follow."

Now, imagine a beautiful virtual dance concert:

-that your students brag about on social media!
-that the parents RAVE about for years to come!
-that get dancers to sign up and grows the size of your dance program!

That can happen when when you use technology to help you create an amazing show!

But, people will tell you that doing a virtual performance is too hard and time consuming.

The truth is putting on a virtual dance performance is easy when you have the right tools and templates.

What if creating a virtual dance performance was as easy as following a guide?

Introducing the Virtual Performance Toolkit!

A step-by step, clear guide that includes EVERYTHING you need to have smooth & successful virtual performance:

  • Short Tutorials: That are easy to understand and have clear dance examples.
  • Digital Downloads: You can share with students. (No reinventing the wheel!) 
  • Customizable Templates: So you can just put your school's info in and go!
  • ​Secret Shortcuts: So you save over 120 hours of work! 

We've coached HUNDREDS of dance teachers to create their own virtual dance performances.

Here's what they've said:

Thank you! This was great! It definitely helped figure out how to proceed for the end of the year and showcase my students' work!

- Sara, New Brunswick, NJ

Thank you so very much. This helps SO MUCH!!! What great ideas!

- Zoe, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for always having timely and relevant resources for dance teachers!  I am thankful for your thorough presentation and attention to details!

- Tamara, Atlanta, GA

Thank you for taking time out to put together a lot of useful information for our dance world! It's nice to have someone do some of the "research" and not have to spend hours and days trying to learn something new. I  appreciate all the time and energy that goes into learning all these new ways to do things and sharing them with others!

- Tanya, Springville, NY

Thank you so much!  It definitely helped me to clarify what to do so that I can offer a special moment that will make my dancers feel as special as they are!

- Mariana, San Francisco, CA

How do we know how you feel?
Well, we're dance teachers. JUST LIKE YOU.

Hi!  We're the Dance Ed Tips team!

A team made up entirely of dance teachers who create resources for other dance teachers. 

And, we don't mean to brag... but virtual dance performances and events are kinda our thing! 😏 

 We've hosted over 50 in the past year alone!
(and that's not including all the ones we did for our own dancers!)

Through all this, we've learned TONS of tips and tricks that can save you
 over 120 hours of work and over $1270!

The Virtual Performance Toolkit, gives you access to all our best virtual dance performance tools, tricks, and secrets at 90% OFF!

You'll be guided step-by-step.  All you have to do is:
1. Decide the format that works best for you
2. Follow our short & clear tutorials 
3. Share and enjoy! 

So, what's included in the Virtual Performance Toolkit?

Virtual Performance Options 

Here we break down the pro's and con's to your 3 main options:

  1. Livestreaming Performance
  2. Pre-recorded Performance
  3. Hybrid Event or Viewing Party

This section will help you decide which options is best for you and your dancers.

Recording Recommendations

Getting students to record themselves all in the same way can be really frustrating.

In this section, you get:

  • A ready-to-go download for your students with instruction on how to video themselves
  • Recommendations on how to collect videos without filling up your inbox

With these tools, the recording process will be smooth and easy!

Video Editing Options 

Get a digital download breaking down our top 5 recommendations for video editing software.  We provide you with:

  1. Names 
  2. Descriptions 
  3. Pricing Options

This section will help you decide which video software is best for your technical skills and price point. 

iMovie & Final Cut Pro Tutorials

Take all the guesswork out of video editing with our iMovie & Final Cut Pro tutorials!

We guide you from beginning to end with short & clear videos that use dance examples.  We'll show you how to:

  • Create & import projects
  • Trim & split videos
  • Add, remove, and edit audio
  • Add transitions and text
  • Add special effects
  • Export your finished project
  • and more!

You'll save over 40 hours of research & trial and error with these clear instructional videos.

Show Order Storyboard

Planning out the show order of a virtual dance performance can make your head spin! 

We've created a Storyboard Template for you to easily:
  • Plan your show
  • Gather info on music, costumes, and dancers
  • Keep track of your To-Do List

This section will help you stay organized and make all the most important info easily accessible! 

The Program Template

Create your virtual dance performance's Program in 15 mins or less with our template!

All you have to do is: 
  • Put in your show info
  • Swap out some images 
  • and you're done!

We also show you how to create a QR code so that your dancers and families can access the program digitally on their phones. Making your dance Program has never been this easy!

The Social Media Kit

Do you find creating social media posts time consuming?  

We can help with our Social Media Kit!  Inside we've included over 20 different templates for social media posts, captions, and posters.

So all you have to do is:
  • Put in your show info
  • Swap out some images 
  • and you're done!

Your promotional posts will be done in 15 mins or less! 

Performance Activities & Games 

Want to give your students a few dance activities to get them excited for their show?

You have tons of options with our Performance Activities & Games!

Inside you'll have access to:
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • "Finish the Dance" Game
  • Dance Show Maze
  • and more!

We know your dancers are going to love them!

Get the ENTIRE Virtual Performance Toolkit!

Total Value: $1,386

Your Price: $147

That is 90% OFF!

Might seem like there's catch, right?🤨 Well, there isn't.😊

Our entire team is made of dance teachers just like YOU and we know how funds are low in the Arts right now.

It was our goal to create something that would give you TONS of value at a price that is affordable.  

And if that weren't enough!

We are giving you also 5 FREE Bonus videos for inspiration!

These are REAL examples of dances created using this Toolkit so you can be inspired and have TONS of ideas.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We take pride in creating high-quality resources that are backed by research and easy to use.

If for any reason you are not happy with your Virtual Performance Toolkit within the first 14-days, we will offer you a 100% refund- guaranteed

No questions asked.

Why should you learn from us?

We are a company of dance teachers who create resources for other dance teachers.

We stand by three guiding principals.  Everything we create must be:
  • Backed by research
  • Easy to use and implement
  • Work for real dance teachers and students

We've supported over 2,000 dance teachers around the world.

And, we've been leaders in helping dance teachers figure out how to teach online.

Our team is made of veteran dance teachers who have built programs in higher education, PK-12 schools, studios, community centers, wellness centers, and more.  

We've presented on variety of topics within education, dance, and wellness on an international and national level.  

You might have also seen us in:

Your time, energy, and sanity are too precious for you to figure our your Virtual Performance on your own. 

Get the support and guidance you need from your fellow dance teachers who have been through the trenches with you!

Get your Virtual Performance Toolkit



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